SEAC Under the Ice World Record Attempt SEAC Under the Ice World Record Attempt

‘Under Ice Freediving’ World Record Attempt

Sponsorted by SEAC and utilizing SEAC diving equipment, Valentina Cafolla, a 27-year-old athlete from Croatia, is set to attempt breaking two distance world records in freediving beneath 30 cm of ice!

On Friday the 23rd of February 2024, the distance record will undergo testing using a monofin, covering a distance of 140 meters. Subsequently, on the following day, Saturday the 24th, Valentina will employ traditional long bi-fins for freediving, aiming for a distance of 120 meters.

Valentina’s weekend will be a double challenge—aiming to secure the world record with both CMAS-validated mono- and bi-fins while also making her mark in the Guinness World Records.

Her determination and courage are truly commendable, as this dual feat demands not just exceptional preparation but also an in-depth understanding of the extreme environment where these record attempts unfold.

While Valentina has showcased her skill and dedication in various record and diving achievements, she is now gearing up to surpass her own limits and establish a new standard in this tough discipline.

Her endeavor to conquer both the CMAS women’s world records, serves as not only a personal triumph. It also serves as an inspiration for women worldwide to chase their dreams, overcome obstacles, and achieve extraordinary results. All this with with deep motivation and determination.

Photo Copyright and property of: c.valentina and seac on Instagram

Not just us here at sdm: also the entire freediving community is eagerly anticipating this upcoming event. Everyone is hopeful that we’ll witness a new chapter in the history of freediving and ice diving.

Furthermore, the dual event, being held at at Lake Antholz in Italy’s Southern Tirol, is also being used as a unique opportunity to raise awareness about environmental and climate challenges confronting our planet.

Beyond preparing for a personal challenge, Valentina and her team are seeking to draw attention to vital environmental and marine conservation issues. Her passion and formidable energy transform her into an inspiring role model, conveying a robust message to all those concerned about the future of our planet.

From all of us at sdm: Good Luck Valentina! We’ll be following your progress eagerly on the day!

You can follow Valentina’s training and progress on her Facebook page, here.

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