Maldives Aggressor II - Diver loses leg Maldives Aggressor II - Diver loses leg

Maldives Aggressor II: diver loses leg in propeller accident

Incident raises concerns over safety measures on board the well known Aggressor Fleet vessel

In a tragic turn of events, a 63-year-old female tourist from the United States lost the lower part of her leg after an unfortunate encounter with a boat propeller during a diving expedition in the Maldives. The incident occurred on the morning of January 20th, off the coast of Hulhumalé, a reclaimed island linked to Malé’s airport island Hulhulé.

The victim, a member of the diving expedition aboard the Maldives Aggressor II liveaboard, was reportedly attempting to surface to the diving dhoni when her leg came into contact with the propeller. The cause of the accident was identified as her surface marker buoy becoming entangled in the boat’s propeller, leading to the severe injuries.

Image source: Aggressor Liveaboards

Aggressor Fleet, the operator of the liveaboard, released a statement confirming the incident and stating that the injured diver had been promptly transported to a hospital and was in stable condition. They emphasized that a thorough investigation is underway, with local authorities and their operations team collaborating to ascertain further details.

The diving location, near Hulhumalé, is a popular spot, particularly known for exploring the wreck of the 80-meter cargo ship Victory. However, the site can be challenging due to strong currents, adding complexity to diving operations.

Police authorities revealed that the propeller had severed the woman’s leg from the knee down. Despite efforts by the Maldives National Defence Force to locate the missing limb in the vicinity, their search proved unsuccessful.

Following the accident, the victim was rushed to Tree Top Hospital on the island for immediate medical attention. Meanwhile, law enforcement continues its investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident, aiming to shed light on safety protocols on board the Aggressor vessel and any potential lapses therein.

As authorities delve deeper into the incident, the local diving community eagerly awaits any fresh insights and findings that could help to enhance safety protocols and prevent similar mishaps in the future.

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