Jared Hires dies in tragic accident at Plura Caves Jared Hires dies in tragic accident at Plura Caves

Jared Hires dies in tragic accident at Plura Cave

Norwegen authorities announced that Jared Hires, an American citizen, had been confirmed dead shortly after a diving accident at Plura Cave in Rana. Despite the use of a defibrillator after the incident, Jared’s life could not be saved.

According to Police Chief Alf Ulrik Stenberg Rokstad, Jared suffered a seizure underwater. He was part of a group of nine people, but they were diving in a group of three at the time of the accident.

“They stopped in a chamber to check their equipment and found that everything was in order. On the way back, they discovered that the man who was last in line had suffered a seizure underwater.”

Jared Hires, well-respected General Manager of Dive Rite

33 year old Hires, who was best known for his role at equipment supplier Dive Rite, was part of a team of nine experienced international divers exploring the cave system when the accident happened.

Jared Hires was not just a key figure in the diving equipment industry but also deeply involved in scuba and cave diving, following in his father’s footsteps, Lamar Hires, who was a pioneer in cave diving. In an interview with Diver Magazine, Jared talked fondly about growing up in a family passionate about diving and the advantages it brought.

His contributions to technical and cave diving went beyond his job at Dive Rite, a company known for its innovative diving equipment. Jared’s friendly nature, enthusiasm, and expertise made him well-loved in the diving community, both locally and internationally.

The news of his passing has left many shocked and saddened. Tributes on social media speak to the loss felt by those who knew him, highlighting his impact on cave diving and more. The support for his family shows how much he was respected and loved.

Jared Hires will be remembered for his achievements and his warmth, leaving a lasting legacy in the diving world through Dive Rite and in the memories of those who knew him.

Praise for the life-saving efforts

Police Chief Stenberg Rokstad went on to say that one of the group swam ahead to alert the crew on land, while the other worked to bring the diver out. This was confirmed later by one of the divers involved:

According to an interview given to X-Ray Magazine, ‘diver one’ in the group (who does not wish to be named) was quoted as saying “we were probably 250mt / ¬ 800ft from the surface when Jared’s light just went erratic. I turned and was with him in 10 – 15 seconds max. He was actively seizing. (Diver two) headed out to alert the surface to get help, and I swam him out of the cave.

Paramedics worked on Jared for an hour before he was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I must commend the fellow divers and other personnel on the scene for their efforts. Unfortunately, his life could not be saved.”

Tragic accident

Ina Santala Jordbru is the general manager of Plura Valley and runs the site together with her husband Jani. Last week, the couple organized a concert in the cave, which was historic because it could only be experienced by diving.

The joy of the achievement has now turned to an overwhelming sorrow at the popular tourist attraction.

“It is a tragic day for the diving community worldwide. It is never easy to know when accidents happen, but medical causes cannot be prevented,” said Santala Jordbru.

She is a trained nurse and is therefore well-equipped to provide first aid if an accident occurs.

“Within three minutes we were on site with a defibrillator and started first aid. We did the right thing, but unfortunately we were unable to save his life.”

In the coming days, she will take care of the remaining group of friends who have lost a comrade.

“They need someone to be there for them, and that is a priority now,” concludes Santala Jordbru.

Thoughts with those involved

Police say they have a good overview of the events and will investigate the case. Police at the scene cannot yet say whether Plura Cave will be closed in connection with the accident.

Officials of the Rana Municipality, where the cave is located, are not currently considering closing the cave. Deputy Mayor Anita Sollie says, however, that the municipality will abide by the police’s assessments and will become involved if necessary.

Mayor Sollie says the municipality is proud of the attraction, but that the news of the death was a tragic message to receive.

“Such an accident affects everyone, including us as a society. My thoughts are with the relatives and those involved. I have the impression that safety is very important to Plura Valley, but accidents can happen,” says Sollie.

Previous accidents at Plura Cave

Plura Cave, located in Rana municipality, is considered the longest in Northern Europe. The cave is visited annually by Norwegian and foreign divers and has gradually become a well-visited place for divers from all over Europe.

In 2014, five Finnish cave divers visited Pluragrotta. The trip ended in a fatal accident, in which two of the divers died 1.5 kilometers into the cave system.

The report of the accident stated that the divers split into two groups. The diver from the first group got stuck in a narrow passage and had problems with his breathing equipment. The man could not free himself and died at a depth of 110 meters.

The second man who died was part of the second group and also died due to problems with his equipment.

A 37-year-old man from Grimstad died in the cave in 2006. The person ran out of air after damaging his diving equipment

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