Master Liveaboards now in the Red Sea and Maldives Master Liveaboards now in the Red Sea and Maldives

Master Liveaboards now operating in the Red Sea and the Maldives

Master Liveaboards have just announced two new liveaboards diving destinations for you to choose from, beginning 31st October 2023.

Effective immediately, Master Liveaboards is assuming control over both the operational and sales aspects of the esteemed Blue Horizon and Blue Melody in the Egyptian Red Sea, along with Blue Voyager in the Maldives. Renowned for their excellence, these award-winning vessels have been integral parts of the troubled Blue O Two brand for several years.

While maintaining the on-site expertise of the existing team, Master Liveaboards will bring its extensive global vessel operations experience to enhance the overall offering. Both the management and branding of these vessels will now fall under the Master Liveaboards umbrella, marking an exciting transition for these liveaboards.

The transition period, set to take place throughout December 2023, will involve comprehensive dry docks and rebranding efforts for the Egyptian vessels. This strategic move is aimed at ensuring that they embark on the year 2024 with a refreshed identity, fully equipped to meet the evolving demands of the diving world under the Master Liveaboards banner.

With this development, a broader spectrum of diving destinations becomes available to Master Liveaboards, enriching the options for both seasoned and new customers. The Sales and Reservations team is already fully prepared to assist with any inquiries, providing information and facilitating bookings.

The diversification of Master Liveaboards’ offerings now means that divers have even more choices to explore. And these newly rebranded Master Liveaboards vessels set to redefine the liveaboard experience in the Egyptian Red Sea and the Maldives.

Our advice? Don’t delay any further — the Master Liveaboards team is ready to help you embark on your next unforgettable underwater adventure. Now in the Egyptian Red Sea and the Maldives.

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