blu3 Nomad System blu3 Nomad System

BLU3 Nomad: demo partners sought for new innovative dive system

Over the past five years, BLU3 has successfully delivered its battery-powered dive systems to water enthusiasts in more than 50 countries, establishing a global presence in the diving community.

Responding to the growing interest and demand from customers who prefer the “try before you buy” approach, BLU3 has initiated a program to provide demo locations where individuals can experience the Nomad system firsthand before making a purchase.

As part of this initiative, BLU3 now offers the opportunity for newcomers to take a dive in a controlled environment such as a pool.

This allows them to familiarize themselves with the BLU3 diving experience while benefiting from the guidance of an authorized divemaster.

Diving in a confined setting enables customers to build confidence and skill, providing a crucial stepping stone before venturing into the open waters of the ocean.

Recognizing the value of local engagement, BLU3 actively seeks new demo partners worldwide. The company encourages enthusiasts and potential partners alike to explore the Nomad firsthand, fostering a sense of excitement and curiosity within their own communities.

BLU3 is dedicated to expanding its network of demo locations, and the company welcomes the enthusiasm of its customers to experience Nomad locally.

For those interested in bringing the thrill of the BLU3 diving experience to their pool or facility, detailed information and the application process can be found by clicking here.

Join BLU3 in making underwater exploration accessible and exciting for enthusiasts around the globe.

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