Will DEMA Show 2024 and Formula 1 clash be a problem Will DEMA Show 2024 and Formula 1 clash be a problem

Will DEMA Show 2024 and Formula 1 clash be a problem?

The dive industry is showing concern with the fact that both the DEMA Show 2024 and the Formula 1 Grand Prix are scheduled to occur in Las Vegas on partially overlapping dates.

The clash between DEMA Show 2024 and the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas is raising eyebrows as the two events are set to unfold over partially overlapping dates.

While DEMA has seemingly tried to quell concerns with in a press release on their site, it’s still imperative to scrutinize all the potential drawbacks of this scheduling conundrum.

DEMA 2024 & Formula 1 overlap 2 full days

Scheduled for November 19-22, DEMA Show 2024 coincides with the 2024 Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix, which will take place from November 21 to 24. This means, of course, that the events overlap by two full days. Despite assurances regarding hotel prices and availability for DEMA Show participants, a closer look at the situation reveals many other critical aspects.

DEMA 2024 accommodation and prices locked in

The press release, which was released on 17. Novemeber 2023, attempts to reassure potential attendees who might have concerns about accommodation.

Indeed, according to the press release, DEMA 2024 prices are locked in at $129 to $149 per night for DEMA attendees. This is only for the official hotel block at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort. This is however, only one hotel and may not suite everyone.

Alternative accommodation for DEMA 2024 now available

In an attempt to further mitigate concerns, an additional hotel block has been arranged with the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel, offering rates at higher price of $199 per night (plus applicable fees).

While this does provide an alternative option, it does not entirely address the overarching issue of the simultaneous occurrence of these two major events. What about about the impact on the overall experience, not just availability (and cost) of accommodation.

Locking in prices for a limited contingent of accommodation may not be a sufficient comfort for some participants, given the potential logistical challenges and inconveniences that they might face.

Further concerns about DEMA 2024 clashing with Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix

Many industry contacts that we’ve spoken with, still have major concerns about flights, traffic congestion and over zealous security conditions, as seen at the 2023 F1 Grand Prix. These issues are still present, very real and unasnwered.

With the convention center being only a few blocks away from the street circuit, questions about sufficient access and free movement within the close vicinity of the convention center are still being raised. Will we see roads being blocked off, as we did during the 2023 Grand Prix? This caused significant traffic problems around Las Vegas during the F1 race weekend, leaving even the locals frustrated.

Good news: prices could drop

Last year, 2023, saw the very first Las Vegas Formula One Grand Prix ever. And it did not attract the attendance that was expected. Tickets and accommodation were simply priced too high for average Formula 1 fans. This poor attendance actually resulting in a decline in hotel rates across the city and a notable drop in ticket prices. Possibly good news in the long run for DEMA visitors.

On the other hand, such an unforeseen circumstance not only poses challenges for the city’s event planners bur also the economy. Unfortunately, this casts doubt on the idea that there’s no need for DEMA participants to worry. If hotel rooms, restaurants etc. do not fill with the expected Formula 1 fans, there is also a distinct possibility that prices might rise sharply at the last moment to try and recover any lost revenue.

More recently, DEMA has been encouraging participants to book in the ‘official’ hotel block as early as the first quarter of 2024. It’s also recommended to secure flights promptly. In reality, this statement inadvertently underscores the potential challenges that DEMA Show participants will be facing from the concurrent staging of the Formula One event. It’s a fine veil, with pretty bows, thrown over an otherwise bitter message: ‘book early or suffer the consequences’.

While DEMA representatives shrug off any concerns – suggesting participants enjoy the additional excitement that Formula One brings to Las Vegas – the clash in scheduling is still raising concerns about the overall success of the show in 2024. And rightly so.

This story is continually evolving. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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